mini rant then on to other news

i swear this will be brief. why is the only women i get alone with are just about my age and just as quirky as i am? i hate to call other women bitches, for real i do, but there are a group of petty ones that literally make me hate that i am in anyway affiliated with them or to them. and it’s all because they THINK they know something about me which obviously by their continued retarded behavior they do not. i have never been so worried about anyone else’s life that i would attempt to snoop out information about them or continue to contact them when it was obvious they didn’t want me to. thankfully i don’t have to see any of them on a regular basis but on the real i’m about to snap on them and publicly out all of their shitty behavior if they don’t leave me alone because unlike them i never say anything privately that can’t publicly be brought to light with fear of the consequences. i have been awfully polite about things but that shit ends now. okay i’m done.

my Emperor is feeling much better now that the doctors took care of Him. He finally let them do what they needed and He should be feeling His old sadistic self quite soon. He was quite fresh with me last night even after i threatened to bite Him if He didn’t take better care of Himself. hopefully He won’t remember that too much because that could be a bad thing for me later lol. but seriously i’m happy He’s better, and save the exhaustion i’m feeling because the center had nine clients come in during our walk in time when we are really only equipped to handle four during that time frame and eight of the nine were triaged before i went home with yours truly had to take five of those so i am desperate for some rest, because there is nothing more important to me than Him. that hit home in the worst way last night when i was still worried and was trying to keep from collapsing on my kitchen floor while i made dinner. i have to get closer to Him and soon.

i went ahead and ordered His bear, thanks for the votes here and via yahoo, and i’ll be sure to tell you all what He thinks about it. i had it personalized with one of His jokey phrases and named the bear Hadrian (after Emperor Hadrian). i love build-a-bear. my brother and sister in law sent me one named Bubba that was a lefthanded bowling bear a few years back when i was moving and right after my father died. Bubba is still one of my favorite stuffed animals along with a super soft stuffed elephant i got last year and Corliss my much loved and much abused teddy bear. Corliss was also a gift from my brother for my sixteenth birthday. we KNOW that was a while go. up until two years ago he was my constant travel and sleep buddy. poor thing, needs a good cleaning. okay i’m calm again and i need to find something to eat before i blogread and fall asleep.


Purrrrfectly a geniune pretty kitty. Catwoman! Also
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