maybe i need to go back to bed

i woke up this morning about 6:45 and because my alarm wasn’t set to go off for another few moments i lay back down and apparently need to do so. i slept through the both the 7:00 AM alarm but also the 7:40 AM alarm that is supposed to catch me if i manage to miss the first one. i didn’t wake up until 7:51 this morning and by 8:51 i was walking the last stretch to my office. i hate when i do that because it’s 1) a glaring example that i am not taking good care of myself and 2) i tend to wake up with this massive headache. normally it’s gone within a few hours. it’s now 12:11 pm and my head is still pounding. another nap will usually fix it but that is HOURS away at this point. at least i scheduled my hair appointment. so i can daydream about Emperor running His fingers through it i umm tend to Him for a while :-).

oh my god, i miss Him. it’s really sad. i haven’t been this enamored of anyone in a while and that is partially driving me nuts. it’s exciting and wonderful in a sense but it just makes sleeping alone that much less enjoyable. i need to find my “Emperor” bear. my subsitute sleep buddy for when we are, wait let me get the exact number down exactly 641.2 miles away from each other (or ten hours in the car whichever makes you feel better). it’s about a 90 minute flight but we can’t do that often enough for either of us at this point. so while it was idle conversation before i am seriously considering relocating to be closer to Him as soon as humanly and professionally possible. that also means moving my mother potentially as she will be living with me shortly. but she can do nothing there the same way she can do nothing here. and i can sleep next to Him as much as i want which knowing the two of us won’t be nightly but when it happens we’ll break or damage something in the house lol. okay i allegedly have work to do so i’ll try to do that now.

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