not so much a manic monday

this will be a quickie that i’ll adjust when i get back home probably. i have a meeting to run to and then i’ll be back for the evening. my client load which is normally six folks on monday slipped to two today with no shows and cancellations. that was BLESSFUL cause i was moody today. no real reason for it, i feel great. i didn’t sleep well but why is that a big surprise. i finally got my candle thingy out in the break room so maybe a few others will order so i can turn that in maybe saturday morning. i had to do a presentation that i was lacking information on ALLL MONTH because the contact person was not sending it to the right address. ahh well. i am feeling good. i’ll be back later.

ok i’m back. the meeting was ALMOST over when the troll came in late and delayed us an hour. brevity is not her friend. we gotta work on that.

other than that i’m good. the threads on the listservs i’m on have been interesting and i’ve hit another plateau in my subbie-hood lol. i’m making myself relax and trust Him and what He says. i haven’t felt this assured of myself in an ice age lol but i know that a lot of it is all due to Him. i can’t take that for granted and can’t go running screaming off into the night mad because He doesn’t react like my ex’s have especialyl when what i want with Him is UNLIKE ANYTHING i’ve ever had or wanted before. we aren’t growing together like the folks at Twice as Bright but we are still learning one another’s wants and desires and we are doing it long distance so it’s going to take longer than i would like for certain. we talked about me relocating again last night. drugs or no drugs, knowing He wanted me near Him again/still–especially since i really have been having a choice tantrum–just made me settle down and accept that He cares about His pet.

it’s hard to remember that when so many other folks treat you poorly but He isn’t one of those people. we just communicate differently and we have to feel each other out. but red is good tonight folks. time for some ice cream YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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