i’ve been a busy little bee

i wrote a story for Emperor over a month ago when i was bored out of my skull during a meeting of some sort. nothing overly long, it was only like 10 or 12 pages double spaced when i was done, but it was sort of my ultimate bdsm fantasy. lots of sex, very explicit rituals then the baby and wedding, not quite in that order lol. and the wedding party ended up having a great big old orgy so not really a typical wedding there. i typed it up and sent it to Him last night. i had started the intro to that story, i tend to write backwards, here’s how it ends now lets back up and see how they met, shortly after i finished the other story. when i typed it up there were only about four pages. somehow or other the training of the young woman in the story sprawled out another 11 pages. of course i sent that to Him as well. i’m not sure what He’ll think of either of them but it’s unusual for me to spit out 30 ish pages in a weekend and in a genre i admittedly know little about. i am having a wonderful time learning don’t get me wrong but it will be interesting to get His take on them. once He has given me His feedback i’ll upload them here as well. or i’ll send them to the darkconnections board for all of my interesting friends over there or maybe i’ll do both.

the bears still have me cracking up. especially scarlett (the bear in red) and buffy (the bear all bound up in black with red cuffs). i think i might have found a place to get buffy lol. i’m still looking for scarlett.

off tangent, the young man i wrote about before. the one that kept trying but didn’t get it resurfaced tonight. he made small talk for a few moments before asking what i wanted for my birthday. not usually a huge deal but as i didn’t want to lead him on i said nothing because he really can’t give me anything i want. then he asks me what my schedule looks like in 2006 (umm it’s still 2005 why in the world do i know my schedule for next year yet). i tell him honestly i don’t know. well he wants to visit, big surprise, and i ask JUST for clarification because i am not trying to encourage his fantasies about us anymore, if he was trying to come as a friend or if he was hoping for something more. he said yes he still hoped things would work out for us. i asked why considering i am making no attempts to bend to him and i don’t want him changing for me. he got upset again and left the conversation again. how many different ways can i say i am not interested in you before he gets the message? ahh well no matter, must wait for Emperor now.

see ya

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