what dreams may come

okay there was a technical difficulty so i have to restart this post. anyway i told you all that i had a great day yesterday. i went to the dark connections chat last night and had a good conversation. figuring i should continue to ride out my high and i called Emperor up so i could go to sleep full of lust for my Dom. He did not disappoint and reminded me again why i am so hooked on Him. i was ready to wind down but for some reason i couldn’t fall asleep to really late. after a much needed apparently self-induced orgasm thanks to the lovely ms. carmen hayes and her play buddy. thankfully there were no late night calls to wake me up.

moving on. i’ve always dreamt a lot but lately it’s been on overdrive. last night/this morning whatever i dreamt about one of Emperor’s friends that to my knowledge is not remotely involved in bdsm at all. for the sake of clarity i’ll call the friend Vicomte so the he’s and his’s don’t get confusing. Vicomte was heavily involved in bdsm in the dream. Vicomte knew about Emperor and i but as Emperor isn’t prone to share with just anyone Vicomte had never played with us. Vicomte was also known outside of the bdsm world fairly well. not sure if he was famous or just a sought after batchelor but Vicomte was in demand. word leaked out that Vicomte’s apartment had been opened for him by his servants but that Vicomte would be delayed for some reason. it appeared to be an open invitiation to women throughout the city that sneaked into his place to look around. two of my vanilla girlfriends wanted to check it out so i got drug along not fully understanding who we were going to see. as soon as i realized it was Vicomte’s place i begged to leave but they were determined. we ran into a woman that had posed for Vicomte’s photography studio but was wandering around the place as if she had never been invited up as well. after we went upstairs i convinced them it was time to leave before Vicomte got home and had us all arrested. i went home and with a sigh of relief thought i had gotten away with all of it. the call i received from Emperor and Vicomte told me otherwise.

turns out Vicomte knew women would swarm the apartment and had stayed away on purpose. he decided that whomever he saw on the tape that he wanted to play with would be subject to his punishment or prosecution. since 99 percent of the women there would kill to spend time with Vicomte he wasn’t really worried about prosecuting anyone. when Vicomte saw me on tape however he alerted Emperor that told Vicomte whatever punishment seemed appropriate Emperor would help carry out. i was told to be at Vicomte’s place quickly and to follow instructions explicitly. Emperor would join us later in the evening when he was through with some other business. i got there and was told to shower and change. when i was ready i was led out to where another woman was kneeling. the other woman to be receiving punishment that evening was a porn star named Kitten that i admit to finding very attractive but who looked more like this in the dream.

anyway, i took my place next to her and then Vicomte entered the room and sat on a large oversized sofa in front of us. Vicomte spoke carefully and with a deep measured voice. He told us that we had both been caught on tape and if we followed his instructions, especially me, that we might enjoy our evening and wouldn’t be subject to any other reprecussions. Vicomte had both of us stand and then lay over his lap so that our behinds were over his lap but that he could only hit her backside as we were facing each other. being between his resolute hardness and her total and complete softness was making me horny. she ws slightly taller than me so my lips kept brushing against her neck or breasts depending on where i tried to place my head. Vicomte told us to entertain him but not to move from his lap. her fingers found my pussy quickly and were deep inside me before i could object. i woudln’t have but even if i wanted to there was no time. we kissed quickly before i started sucking on her overly ample tits. we both got more into one another and louder and then i heard Emperor’s voice booming down the hallway. “Ahh i knew you were going to make Me proud my little slut.” He had been watching the whole thing from upstairs and once i had crossed whatever threshold point He was seeking He came downstairs so He could see me perform for Him.

i was only momentarily thrown off of a rhythm and flooded her hand with my orgasm. i licked her fingers clean and refastened my lips to her nipples and then began finger fucking her. Vicomte and Emperor watched us intently and let her orgasm before they initially seperated us. Vicomte grabbed my hair and made me take all of him down my throat while i saw Emperor do the same to Kitten. our transgression gave them the license to do what i’m sure they had wanted to do but weren’t sure how to arrange as they very rarely played together. before either of them could nut they tossed us to the other one. Emperor bound my arms above my head and hooked them to a leash that He handed to Vicomte. Vicomte tugged very hard and made me feel like i was being stretched on a rack. Vicomte hooked Kitten’s ankles to a spreader and then shoved it underneath me until her pussy was above my mouth. then Vicomte pulled her towards him and shoved his dick in her mouth never letting go of his grasp on my leash. Emperor flogged my stomach, legs and pussy until He had enough. He entered me roughly and after propping me up slightly told me to fuck Him. my brain thought for a second how i would make that happen as it felt like Vicomte was trying to pull me off Emperor’s dick but i hooked my legs around Emperor’s and as AI would say, i played through the pain. Emperor was harder than i ever remember and trying to not orgasm around Him on each thrust was taking all of my free energy. Kitten was grinding her pussy on my tongue so my moans were lost inside of her and Vicomte was yanking like i was on a Yo-Yo string.

i was on sensory overload and only fear of a more detailed and lengthy flogging kept my body in check. when Emperor growled at me that He wanted to feel me explode around Him i almost yelped in excitement. my tongue snaked around inside her trying to push her over the edge with me which in turn made her incredibly long tongue work overtime on Vicomte. the giant nerve ended we had become fired and left Vicomte’s floor covered in a mixture of fluids. i thought i had survived the punishment but i was incorrect. Emperor briefly uncuffed me before cuffing my arms behind my back before he again gave the leash to Vicomte who would now be behind me. i was also attached to the spreader and felt bad for Kitten who was now being leashed to Emperor whom i knew to be slightly more sadistic than Vicomte and who would likely almost dislocate her shoulder before was over. we assumed the same configuration just of course in a different order. i was given permission to cum at will and did often because as i mentioned she has a super long tongue. it took them much longer to cum this time and i felt like my jaw was going to explode from exhaustion. Emperor grabbed my hair which always makes me open wider and proceeded to fuck my face essentially. the excitement of it threw me over the edge again. the site of my cum dripping out of her mouth must have made Vicomte loose it because he began to piston in and out of her at an alarming speed. Vicomte pulled my leash so hard that he almost pulled me away from Emperor entirely. Emperor grabbed me and pulled me back towards Him which had me in a most uncomfortable position. Vicomte unleashed himself deep inside of Kitten and her juices mixed with his as she came. Emperor told me He was about to cum and told me that not a single drop better hit the ground. i had a firm enough grip on Him that i wasn’t too worried. as He was almost done Vicomte tugged and i panicked because i felt some of Emperor drip down my lip before i could catch it. thankfully Kitten was thinking and caught that drop on her face. i licked it off of her to both of our tormentors delight. they unchained me and Kitten went to kneeel next to Vicomte again. she lowered her eyes and nearly whispered “Master, may we keep her?” to Vicomte. Vicomte replied no that i belonged with the man who was stroking my face but now that they knew we could play together they would arrange it more often. Emperor agreed and was happy that we both liked one another. “I haven’t seen pet cum that hard for anyone but Me so she must like your tongue little slut.” we both blushed then but i know i had to look somewhat confused.

Vicomte explained that yes there was a tape but he had seen me in the parking garage as i left and assumed i’d be there but never saw me on tape. He called Emperor who told Vicomte that if i had done something wrong my guilty conscience would have me there. from that point on Vicomte was free to start the festivities however he saw fit and Emperor would join us after i responded to Kitten in some way. had i seemed less than responsive He would have come in and tied me to the rack in the basement. He was glad that i had though. watching the two of us had made Him very happy. He kissed me and lay my head in His lap and allowed me to take Him back down my throat (i really am a bit of an oral slut). Kitten came back over and was stroking me when Vicomte joined her and started fucking her again. i woke up strangely happy and beyond wet. i had to get this all out before i went and took care of that but my dreams are gonna need to stop being this explicit or really i’ll be in a world of trouble.

switching gears entirely, and this has to be brief cause recounting that dream has overly stimulated my brain. i’m not sure how many folks reading this blog like george michael but his kissing a fool song has been on my mind to discuss. Emperor likes the song but there is one stanza that catches me everytime and makes me think 1) of Him and 2) of the lifestyle. i have been meaning to discuss it for days but here it goes.

But remember this,

Every other kiss,
That you ever give
Long as we both live
When you need the hand of another man,
One you really can surrender with,
I will wait for you,
Like I always do,
There’s something there,
That can’t compare with any other,

of course the surrender caught my eye bt it’s really the i’ll wait for you cause nothing else can compare to this emotion that keeps me rewinding it in the car. if anything else on earth felt quite like bdsm without all the drama and now potential legal action lol i think more of us would reach for that. but since it doesn’t and can’t, we’ll wait on the person we can surrender to or the person that will surrender to us. ahhh it is SUCH a wonderful feeling and when it clicks for you it IS a feeling that won’t compare to anything else and you’ll wait for it to come back to you as many times as you need to. ahh feeling sappy to match the horny ROFLMAO. oh well i have blathered on enough. excuse all of this typing.

love ya

finally done 2 hours after i started lol

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  1. Hmm, done typing after two hours or done taking care of the sappy/horny after two hours? ‘Cause if it takes you two hours, girlfriend, we gotta talk lol.

    Seriously, awesome dream. I’ve been debating putting the one erotic book I’ve been writing on my blog, instead of ever trying to finish it for print and I’ve hesitated because well, I only have one chapter done and there’s no sex in the first chapter, it’s all just set up. But then I read things like this and think, hmm, maybe I should… chapter two is all about a female threesome, I might actually get to writing it *laugh*

  2. lol it took me two hours to right because i kept getting interrupted and distracted. and because as i was writing i was starting to recall more details. i just know i woke up and was damn i need to see Emperor. now He’s probably going to be stunned when He hears about this one but i was very happy.

  3. Lucky you…. I used to never remember my dreams… but since a few weeks, I dreamed a lot about my teenage and college years… but nothing in my dreams ressembled reality of those… I’d like to have kinky dreams…. but I only have dreams where Igot lost, in search, in busses and metros… running from a place to another.. how boring…

  4. ROFL i have boring dreams too, and this one was way over the top for me normally. my boring dreams seem to come true though, so i guess i can expect a deja vu moment the next time i’m at a conference lol.

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