today was a GOOD day

okay so i told you yesterday i was dreading today. i hadn’t prepped the presntation, had no idea what we were gonna do with the girls at the event and was a tiny bit upset that my hair appointment meant i would get home around 7 or 8 this evening. so another eight hour day on top of the five i’ve already put in this week. exhaustion was all i was thinking. well turns out i need to quit making myself upset like that lol. eta: i forgot to add that someone called me by MISTAKE at 6:44 this morning–yes i looked at the clock–and i even managed to get over that over the course of the day lol.

i got two pages of notes together for the presentation and decided to wing it with the information i knew on the subject at the moment. it worked out great and after engaging them for my alloted time they gave me a gift and i rolled out with the graduate clinician that came to observe with me. i had about an hour to kill as planned so i went to get some food and contemplated going home. that just didn’t make sense time wise so i went over to the venue and helped set up. the event was nice and went off without a hitch. my mentee had to go out of time so i didn’t meet her but it was nice to see the young girls together. i actually had fun at the beauty shop, started reading a book i had been dreading as well (much better than i thought), and got my eyebrows arched to mess the fresh hairdo.

oh and i had fun at this store that is ridiculously fun for me: bath junkie. it’s a sin how much i love lotions and bubble bath. i’m not a big perfume girl even though i am going to invest in a scent that Emperor adores. anyhoo since i don’t like the spray things on myself but get an amazing little thrill from sinking into a warm scented tub and then after leisurely toweling off rubbing a nice luxurious cream into my skin. it truly makes no sense how much that entertains me unless you go with my girlfriend’s asstertion that i am really part cat and anything that makes me feel stroked is a good thing in my brain. regardless i made up another batch of the French vanilla and almond and got a mix called African Aloe (frangipani, muget and aloe vera). that goes with the caramel and buttercream from last time and other batch of french vanilla and almond. i joked that i needed a parttime job because i was spending too much time and money in there lol.

anyhoo, today was a good day and my Emperor is on the mend. and thinking of being with Him rubbing in the new lotion makes me EVEN happier about the day. yes life is good boys and girls. i’m comfortable again, in my own skin, with people around me that love and adore me and safe in the knowledge that my Master is happy with me. yes some of that could be due to the fact that He’s incapacitated and therefore in my mind less likely to be out and about with someone that isn’t me BUT it’s more about the way we’ve interacted over the last several weeks. particularly the last few days. He’s let me gush and vent accordingly. He’s made me feel cherished and patted my head as it were for being attentive to Him. it just feels as though another wall between us is gone now and we can continue to proceed toward whatever we are meant to be for one another. yeah it’s a good day.

hugs and kisses

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  1. Ohhhhhh only to have a bath…I only have a shower…:( but those scents sound so wonderful…yers I am jealous hehhe;)

    starts to sing rubber duckie you so fun…hehe šŸ™‚

  2. rubber duckie you’re the one, you make bath time lots of fun lol

    that brings to mind another post i was gonna make about this verse of a george michael song, my brain is obviously very tangential tonight lol

    oh and they have shower gel instead of bath stuff too

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