ok brown sucks and i mean it lol

folks at UPS have issues. my package did not require my signature but for some reason they kept it on the truck instead of delivering it. i had to call and just make them hold it because the last time this happened i had to argue with them damn near a week to get a package. anyhoo Emperor’s bear has arrived and i must say that little Hadrian came out much cuter than i anticipated. i’m sure He will adore it and i of course adore making Him happy so it’s a lovely cycle of warm fuzzies.

i am so glad that most of the sub collective seems to be right with world again. the ebbs and flows are something i must learn to get accustomed to. i don’t really want to but it’s a necessary thing if i am to really learn and immerse myself into submission. i ordered a few books for my edification. consensual sadomasochism and the new bottoming book, both seem interesting but i don’t have time to read them for pleasure right now. too much other work and no motivation to do it. beyond that i’m fine and as you all can tell i’m very happy as you all can tell. have a good night ladies and gents.


2 thoughts on “ok brown sucks and i mean it lol”

  1. Ah!!! You know… it is the same in vanilla relationship… like waves…up and down and down and up… pfff… only that in D/s, it is just a lot more heavy… higher and deeper… This is only my opinion…
    Books… I’m into Jack Rinella’s
    ‘Becoming a Slave: The Theory & Practice of Voluntary Servitude’… quite deep… and I didn’t do any exercises yet… Arghhh!!!
    Good luck with your reading… I’m going myself at one page every 10 days..LOLOLOLOL…

  2. lol, i’ll have to add it to the shopping list, thanks, and the ebbs and flows are at least allowing me to get used to us being us and not automatically shut down from Him. He’s so amazing to me lol. and He inspires a good dream ROFLMAO.

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