we had a break through sort of

you all know i am having a series of tantrums at night because of what i perceive to be a lack of structure. well last night i wasn’t really having one of those. i really was being flirty in my mind and it turned into this big thing that i was so not anticipating. i needed to be up early so i conceded and went to sleep. the phone started vibrating well after i had fallen asleep. for a long stretch i knew i was unconscious and must be dreaming. when it dawned on me that it wasn’t in my imagination i finally picked up. there was a text from Emperor and we continued where we had left off before i went to bed. after 30 minutes of lengthy exchanges i thicken we hit a point both of us can accept. of course that will be shown out in the next few weeks and months. i want to give Him what He wants and i want to get what i want from Him. i fell asleep peacefully though, in stark contrast to how i had before, well if you discount the fact that one of my neighbors has something on at night that makes my bed vibrate which was just odd.

beyond that i am on call this week which means my phone can ring at any time over the next four days and i have to grab it. that aint cool but it allows me to leave two hours early every week so somehow i can get over it. i am really perky despite the lateness of the hour that i went back to bed. my day was good, my clients seem workable and i love the Dom. i still cant track down someone but that will be okay as well. hopefully she hasn’t fallen into a deep pit and hasn’t been able to get out because her phone has crappy reception. i have no deep introspective thoughts to share lol. we are doing okay and i am happy. see ya round the subverse.

ETA: taylor it took me the longest minute to process what the link was for, doh i am sooooooooooo slow

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  1. That remind me the time He was travelling much more and all our mail exchange… oufff… some were so late at night because of time change… It was a crazy time, but how hot!!! I miss that… but feel I have to accept that we are an old couple now…

  2. ahh jo this was a unique situation, we are both night owls but really the fighting is not cute and neither of us like it, and you are not an old couple you just have the benefit of being close by, if we were closer together we’d probably get the fights over before dinner lol and do other things at 1am

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