i’m feeling childish today

not in a mean spiteful way like i might normally lol but just childish. i wanna put on my pajamas, order some pizza, tie my hair back in a ponytail, watch the cartoon network and lounge till i want some ice cream. i know some of you are thinking how is that different from what you normally do red? well today i don’t want to be a grown up at all. i wanna jump out of my bed, rush around the corner and hop in bed with my parents. i wanna watch strawberry shortcake or the littles or the smurfs while my mother plays with my hair. i wanna giggle uncontrollably cause my dad’s scruffy chin is tickling my cheek. i wanna be a little girl just for today. unfortunately my mom isn’t here yet and when she gets here i doubt we’ll have that much fun lol. my dad and his scratchy chin are long since gone and the only thing that will be awaiting me tonight is a teddy bear unless i go pick up dinner on the way home (which i won’t because i have to make it to the office before they close or no teddy bear ).

i wanna crawl into bed with Him and talk and giggle and feed Him whatever delightful concoction i came up with between the leftover baked goods and the ice cream on hand. i wanna take care of Him like i did my sick dollies (who were only sick because i injured them lol) and make sure He has what He needs. i wanna be suddenly taken off guard when we go from playing nursey to a really twisted doctor (like steve martin’s overly invested in pain portrayal of a doc in little shop of horrors). i wanna be His little girl for a while too.

either one would make me smile that big wide innocent smile that children are blessed with and adults remember fondly. a scratchy chin or a nice flogging would be just the right thing to go with those pj’s with orange blossom or the discarded lace by the side of the bed. either way i am still currently missing my Dad and my Dom but for the first time in a long time i am okay with that.

Your Eyes Should Be Green

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2 thoughts on “i’m feeling childish today”

  1. I play the little girl often… not that I play, but even at my so old age (46…lolol) I love to jump in water puddles, dance like crazy when I like the music, being a peste in bed, chatting and moving around like a 4 years old… and make all the little noises that I can… and, He is the only man I ever feel that I could let go in that… It is wonderful!!!
    Scratchy chin??? Oh my god… you remember me our first encounters… I was going to work in the morning with a glowing chin…LOLOLOL… but, as I wasn’t the only one, some inside jokes tookplace and it was very fun…;-)

  2. lol glad i made you have a happy memory, i miss the scratchy chin and the giggling that would always ensue afterwards, He is giving me that peace when i allow myself to just enjoy Him, maybe i can get Him to do scratchy chin lol

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