three days and you got it counting

ahhh well petty is as petty does so that drama continues but my life is good. i got off work early enough to get to the auto dealership this afternoon. my car has been tempermental and while i would stop buy to get it checked since it wasn’t making the noise/having the issue at THAT moment they wouldn’t even take it. today someone was nice enough to ride with me for about 15 minutes and about 7 minutes in the car had a tantrum that lasted till we got BACK to the shop. maybe 30 minutes later my precious baby was repaired and should be okay again. i love my warranty i tell ya it is simply wonderful.

as for Emperor, because i ran to the dealership i wasn’t able to tend to an assignment He gave me. well i did and didn’t. i contacted someone that probably has what i want but is about 25 miles from me each way. if she can fedex it to me so i get it by friday evening or saturday morning EARLY then it will be fine. if not then i guess i have to go to the unknown store and then and pray its there. if not its off to teeny tiny town to get the last item on my list and its off to see my precious precious Emperor. life is good i swear. life is really good. now can everyone do me a favor. click the link below so my potato can travel all over the world.

Pass the Potato

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