four days and counting

it’s been an interesting few days. yesterday was HORRIBLE. i was tired. i saw six clients and had a meeting before i went to do a two hour presentation. by the end of the day all i wanted was some dinner and to curl up and talk to Emperor. ahh well slight glitch. He’s otherwise preoccupied and busy and not really trying to tend to His tired pet. i was able to vent to my girlfriends and i ended up feeling better. Emperor was in the room (chat room that is) and slightly miffed at me but i didn’t find out till this morning. He wasn’t terribly upset, it just gave Him another reason to punish me. And i can admit i’ve been a bit of a brat lately because i’m so stressed and because of folks i don’t like lol. but as today was better, not so many clients and i got to come home early, i’ll gladly take my punishment after all if He’s spanking me then i have to be WITH Him and i can’t think of anything else that would make me happier. bye bye for now.


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