tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow it’s only a day away part 1

okay yeah that was super corny but i’m tired and people are working my nerves. if you’ve been keeping up the women i spoke of before are becoming even more annoying and oppresive but in about 24 hours exactly i won’t care. i’ll be speeding down the highway to the airport and checking in for my flight. i’ll be reclining in a chair and maybe doing some work before the flight takes off. if i’m really adventurous i might do some on the plane but 28 hours from now i’ll be deplaning and letting my subconscious (interesting word all things considered lol SUBconscious) take over and guide my steps. i’ll see my Emperor somewhere around baggage claim and from that point on i’ll disappear for a few days sure to be bound and gagged and happy and safe.

the last of my errands was completed quickly yesterday. i ran to the closest lingerie store and got two items He requested but had to ask where they were because they weren’t out with the main selections. i went home last night and washed everything that i might want to pack and it’s all waiting to be carefully placed in a suitcase and carry on bag. i’m a little worried about what might happen to my cuffs if i check them but i’ll just have to pray about it and hope it goes well. i’ve carried handcuffs on the plane before but this was pre 9/11 and i’m not sure it would go over so well now. anyhoo i’ll check maybe at the airport, what’s the worst they could say is ummm this short Black woman tried to take some bdsm gear on the flight??? i may make a new friend ROFLMAO.

oh well enough for now, work will be getting hectic soon, we had another student death on campus and i have to be ready for the fallout.

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