When you take “go fuck yourself” to heart

I’m going to be at a hotel for the next week.  I have things to do in the day but most evenings I can come in and get nude.  I bought a few toys from Mr. Hankeys after talking to Good Nyte about wanting some new dildos.  I’ve been using my Magic Wand to get off quickly and last year or so I bought a glass dildo and butt plug.  Quick disclaimer: I don’t remember where I bought any of the items linked in the previous sentence.  I just linked examples of what I bought.  Moving on.  The glass dildo is great for a hard penetration but after a while it’s just hard and it isn’t a pleasant experience.  The butt plug is lovely but my ass apparently needs a larger plug so I haven’t used it much for fear that it was going to get stuck and make for a fun trip to the ER.  Regardless, I wanted something that felt more like an actual human.  Girthy but textured and that had a little more give to them than the glass champ did.  Also disclaimer: Mr. Hankeys makes great toys but they are not cheap.  They are made to order for size, color and firmness.  Of the four items I have purchased only one by it’s design isn’t working out for me.  The Venomous Tongue feels great when I drag it along my slit but I am not motivated enough to figure out how to get the tongue deep inside of me.  I grabbed the Taintacle as a replacement because it curves like a tongue and had some interesting textural points on it.  Honestly, it also reminded me of my ex with the super thick tongue that did tricks in my pussy that still make me clench if I think about them too hard.  That man was gifted.  So is this dildo.  LOVED fucking it so much that I almost didn’t go to sleep.  it curves in such a way that it feels like it could go deeper but also fills you up.  The suckers touch all the pressure points and make my eyes roll back in my head.  Like if there was a way to lodge that in my pussy during class or meetings I totally would because I’d be a happy bitch.  10/10 totally recommend.  This morning my pussy was still feeling greedy so I grabbed another new option the Dildos and Dragon.  So this has a similar curve to the Taintacle but entirely different texture and it felt like it was seducing my pussy.  I recorded short videos with both dildos and my only viewer said they could completely tell I was getting off on the Taintacle and that it was giving me a ridiculous amount of pleasure.  With the D&D, I was blissed out.  I didn’t rush any of the orgasms but with the D&D I just wanted to luxuriate in how sticky and happy my pussy was getting around it.  Once I removed it and cleaned it up all I could do was take a fucking nap.  But that left the only toy I had test driven at home, The Minotaur.  Let me just say in The Minotaur came attached to an actual human, I would fuck that human any and every way they would let me for fucking ever.  I might change my religion if I was devout and I could definitely see giving up a fair number of things to keep that particular dick lodged in my pussy.  It’s so large that I have to ride it to keep it lodged inside.  If I lay back and relax my pussy says bitch what is you doing until I wedge it back inside and it’s like oh okay that makes sense.  I think I have to get one more toy to balance out my slut tendencies.  And let’s say RIP to the fucking machine.  I didn’t use you well but I won’t be using you anymore as you are dead dead.  My pussy however is not.  I’m letting it rest and then it’s back to the fuck fuck fuck that dick.

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