new toys and new moods

not sure how long this will be because there’s not a lot going on right now.  i’ve got about 10 more days before i can slide out of the missing my dad funk.  that’s not entirely accurate but before the last thing that triggers missing my dad will be over in ten days.  i’ll probably be better next month but who knows.  as i get closer and closer to the number of years he was with me being equal to the number of years he’s been gone it gets rough.  but i appreciate that my younger brother was checking on me this year instead of vice versa because i was a big old mess on dad’s birthday.  and today i’m awaiting delivery of an ice cream maker to both my house and my brother’s.  his daughters are one of the best things in my life and we’re gonna make ice cream together remotely this summer.

and sometime before that i’m gonna try out some things i definitely cannot share with them.  i got new dildos from Hankeys Toys.  a minotaur and venomous tongue both in size medium.  i didn’t use them last night because they needed to be washed up and i was too tired for all of that but today might just be the day i pop my new dildo cherry.  i sound excited don’t i lol.  if i like them i’ll add them to the fucking machine and enjoy my best life again.

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