Life is spontaneously amazing sometimes

I’ve been busy pecking away at my to do list at work and taking care of stupid repairs that should have been done at the house.  Also trying not to murder people at work or at home and still maintain my sanity.  I got my eyes checked again after a long gap and doctor was pleased with my vision without glasses but encouraged me to get a pair for when I wanted them–driving and when I get exhausted.  Friday, a surprise I had been working on came together and the person was over the moon as was their family who I helped sneak over.  But the day was made even better by something that happened well before I got to the office.  Like many a human in a public service job, I have been in the public service loan forgiveness program officially for the last seven or eight years.  They gave me credit for the time I paid before I enrolled so next year should have been my celebration year.  But they decided to give us credit for at least a year of our broke time in these jobs which made my dancing time last fall really.  But with all of the loan service shakeup and misfiling of my paperwork, it just came to fruition on Friday.  Well that’s not exactly true.  I noticed my balance was updated on the third I think but the paperwork didn’t get resent until Friday and now you girl is student loan free.  I went out to dinner with some former students after that and was even nice to mom for a bit.  I just finished my to do list today and am going to relax until someone makes me submit a final report later this week.  I’m single but happy and half of my debt is now gone so really can’t ask for a better 72 hour period.

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