I’m hungry today

I know that’s probably not newsworthy for most but I normally don’t have much of an appetite most of the day so to actually be hungry is weird.  It usually either means I’m sick or overly tired.  I really want some chips and that is making me want a sandwich so it’s not a waste of empty calories.  Having said that, I just sat here for like an hour and went near no food at all.  Maybe I’m just tired.  It’s been a lot of peopling lately and that wears me out.  I was horny as hell last night.  As I rolled over to try to fall asleep, I felt like someone splayed me open and was thrusting into me with abandon.  It felt very nice.  Then I dozed on off and thought nothing more of it.  Yeah I need to go ahead and get up.  It’s almost dinner time anyway.

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