I am going to bed soon I promise

I am trying to practice showing and giving grace in my life.  I’m patient with my coworkers when I need to be and I am trying to take care of my own demands as well.  Splitting up my work and resting when I should.  I’m also staying on top of the medications in my life so that I’m not missing doses now that my health is on the upswing.  And I’m feeling pretty good in general.  Taking care of what needs to be done, letting go of what can wait.  Tomorrow I’m back on the meditation and workout routine.  I just wasn’t in the mood after getting off at 8 tonight.  I need to check my schedule to plan my next vacation and then really relax. Bah I forgot to talk about one other thing after the semi dramatic last posts.  Part of this new mindset is a rush of sorts.  I hadn’t been feeling terribly sexual as of late.  I was stuck in my own head and trying to to sort things out was not making me horny really.  I masturbate but it was mostly because I need to take the edge off to get some sleep or calm down.  But the last week or so I’ve found myself finding myself attractive and alluring and finally playing with a few of my toys that had just been sitting in the box.  The anal plug may be a bit too small.  It slipped in relatively easily with the tiniest dab of lube.  It felt great but I was worried about shoving it too far in without a in person backup to stick their nice thick fingers grab after it.  That made me think about being fisted again so yeah didn’t want to go nuts.  But I’ve documented that, my boobs, and a little bit of clit play.  I haven’t shared that last one with anyone well just one person because that feels a bridge too far right now.  Ahh well now back to bed.

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