deep sleep can cure a litany of ills

i don’t know that it cured the ills but it helped them out at least.  i woke up after a set of frantic dreams and one pretty mundane one as it involved me vacuuming for some reason.  i was and maybe still am a little exhausted.  i worked every day this week, had more meetings that normal, and lots of anxious coworkers.  combine all of that with my body feeling out of whack along with my emotions running wild and it just was a bad night last night.  my dating life, or lack thereof can throw me into a tailspin sometimes.  thankfully the rest, and a two hour long massage, have gotten me to a point of relaxation.  i’m still single and still not anywhere closer to alleviating that condition.  honestly, in most moments i’m not sure that i even care to alter that beyond having someone that will hurt me on a regular basis.  a service sadist would be ideal but given my desired partner characteristics it is unlikely there’s one man just lounging around waiting to be those things for me.  ahh well, it is what it is.  i really hate that phrase even when it’s appropriate.  y’all be kind to each other.

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