hello people

Your deafening silence is cool.  I’m not sure how I’d respond to a valid comment instead of the spam and requests for random sponsorships for things that have nothing to do with my blog.  I’ve been doing some work this week after doing jack shit for a week.  I liked that week but since I had a lot to revamp I couldn’t wait until Tuesday and have things ready on time.  There’s a few more things to do.  One I’ll probably do tomorrow and the other will probably wait until next week.  It’s more of a review process than anything but I need to do it all the same.  Can I just tell you I’m a mix of weird emotions but I’m also really happy?  I was looking forward to a new chapter of a kinky choose your own adventure book and they went off kilter on me quickly.  Not sure if I will pick that up again until much later.  It made me think about GN and the Dutchman but only as long as it took to remember those were good relationships to have but they are over and it’s time to either find a new one or let it go.  I know the energy I need which is why the book made me smile.  He was my kind of kinky Dom.  I mean they couldn’t go where my brain goes or where GN/Dutch took me but his energy, dominance and insistence on calling her a good girl just made me all melty inside.  But that just means I want that more than I may have thought I did, but since I have no idea how to find that person right now I’m just gonna chill out.

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