it’s almost time for our yearly reboot

We aren’t quite at Christmas, we are in the midst of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa is upcoming.  So is the start of another year.  I’ve made it through another birthday and that was actually fantastic.  I’m off until the new year.  I’m really in a good place mentally and not distressed which is new for me.  This time last year I was prepping for a move and stressing about utilities being on and what could we leave and was I going to be ready to pay the mortgage at the start of the year.  This year I’m a little annoyed by the storm but other than that, all is good.  And as things go, unless the storm has a dramatic shift we aren’t going to get hit nearly as bad as predicted which is good for us.  Water is still dripping in the pipes though because the wind is rude as hell which has the windchill in the negative by a large margin. I’m sitting in my singleness and really not disappointed.  I wish there was a Dom delivery service for when I really need to unwind and pretend that someone adores me but short of that I’m good.  I’m excited about what is coming up in nine days.  Hope you are all well.  No idea who is actually visiting this blog.  I would love it if you left me a note cause your girl is nosy. 

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