dreaming of wakanda

If Wakanda had an entry port and a visa program, I’d probably be on the first thing smoking right now.  I need to be ensconced in Black space right now and my most recent trip to Atlanta gave me none of that unfortunately.  I left FetLife and while I miss what it used to be, it hasn’t been that in long enough that I can’t say I miss what is there now.  I miss Dark Connections and Black Beat and all of the things that I know take lots of money and energy to put together but hey life is all about change.  It’s why I will probably be departing Twitter soon too.  It’s already become a little bit of a shit show but with a newly conservative toddler in charge who wants to bring back free speech (insert eye roll here).  Much like Fet, the entitled white men are running amok with their hurt feelings and fragile unloved penises.  I miss spaces where we could bask in Black excellence without intrusion.  Enjoy the swagger and conversation and joys and pains and triumphs and setbacks without outside intrusion.  I miss being with my friends and observing the eye candy with a QOS floating in and messing up the vibe.  I miss Black Masters who have Black slaves so there is no race play or fetishization happening.  I just miss us being able to be us.  So maybe it’s not Wakanda directly but I’m missing the melanin. 

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