where are you man that i am not really searching for

I may have just told a lie on twitter lol.  I mean not entirely.  Someone asked the single folks how many more rounds of talking to someone we had left in us and I was maybe more confident than I should have been.  I am really good being single in the sense that it would be nice to have a partner but I am in no way stressed about not having one right in this moment.  But I also said I knew what I wanted even though I was making no effort to find it.  That last part after the but is entirely true.  I don’t think I’ve ever pursued a dominant partner–at least not at the beginning.  In very brief retrospect, I’ve either been pursued or stumbled into a potential partner on accident.  Some were more aggressive than others in their pursuit which hey do you.  And others had good reasons for being accidental objects of my affection.  Also with more reflection maybe that’s a different part of the problem.  Since I didn’t pursue them none of them worked out.  I was grateful in some cases to have been chosen and then got anxious and insecure about what may happen in the future because I felt like most folks were out of my league or just had other options.  Who knows at this point?  What I can say is I think I want a man that is funny, self-assured, completely single, comfortable in his dominance, and ready to be open to my absolutely weird schedule.  I’d love them to be local but given where I live that is unlikely.  Multilingual would be a treat.  Passport holder would be amazing.  Someone that can teach me new things while I share my interests and we settle into a comfortable but engaging pattern with each other.  I would really love an accent but that’s my fault.  Two of my past partners were born outside of the states and had lovely accents.  Or at least lovely for me.  Hair is optional lol, love of Prince would be good but isn’t crucial.  However if they hate Prince we won’t work out.  So maybe I do know what I want while doing literally nothing to find them.

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