finally turned on the heat

Last night the weather was finally gonna dip below freezing and while my AC had been set to way cooler than I like it to be, it hadn’t really been on the last week consistently because the outside temp was not warranting it.  The last few days though the weather was having one of those keep playing with me if you want to moments and I finally caved.  It’s still not hot up in here, it’s only set to 65, but this house is much more insulated than our old one and thus that actually has the bedrooms warm.  The kitchen/living room not so much and we’ll need to turn on the fireplace if we are gonna hang out there–not long surprisingly but still it will need to come on–but really outside of the times I’m cooking or we’re watching something goofy on TV, I do not spend a ton of time in that space.  I slept great last night though.  No shivers or chills.  I kinda wanna go back to sleep but it’s noon and that would be a bad idea.  But it’s a bad idea kinda day so who knows.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Not sure who is even still reading this except me lol.

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