Weekly Post #23

Prompt for today: I was always looking for strength outside of myself but it was inside me the entire time.  I am one of the strongest people I know but it’s because it’s so easy to hurt me deep in my core.  I have to buffer myself back up because the people in my life do not.  Let me say the people who should do not.  And that is always going to be the case. 

Prompt for tomorrow: If I have been of service, I am at peace.  Depends on who is being served and to what end.  I wish to serve the right person and people that appreciate it.  Doesn’t happen enough for me.

Prompt for Tuesday: Challenges show us our discomfort, our discomfort show us where our passions lie.  This is for someone whose life is not filled with struggle and things outside of their control.  This is not my experience.

Prompt for Wednesday: There is no shame in being fearful, only in remaining so. Okay

Prompt for Thursday: Submission depends on our ability to align with our dominants and to use our skills to serve them best. Okay

Prompt for Friday: I dreamed that life was joy, saw that life was service and found joy in that service.  Not exactly.  Check my answer to prompt two on this page.

Prompt for Saturday: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  Valid, we have to move through the pain and not let it overwhelm us.

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