Weekly Post #22

Prompt for today: How will you become a clear mirror if you resent being polished?  I am polished routinely.  I am a Black woman in America who is frequently told by all manner of people that I am not enough.  Sometimes they are right and I work on me.  Other times they are mean and I cry.  Still others they can go fuck themselves.

Prompt for tomorrow: I am not influenced by potential gain, I wish to be useful. This is true to a point.  I don’t set out to do things that are set up to make something for me out of nothing.  But I don’t always just want to be useful.  That is an effective connection as long as someone needs you.

Prompt for Tuesday: I bend but do not break. Absolutely fucking true.  I’m upset as I write these prompts but if I let it break me I wouldn’t function and wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do daily.

Prompt for Wednesday: I don’t want to be a leader, I want to hold my own and embrace my womanhood to be absolutely dominated.  I don’t want to lead like a man.  I don’t think I’d mind leading the right group of women.

Prompt for Thursday: I had nothing to hide, I belonged wholly to my master. I have never been able to be entirely exposed but I don’t know if it was lack of desire to or lack of opportunity.

Prompt for Friday: I have come close enough to know there is something to the spiritual side of leather. Don’t know enough about leather and that part of the lifestyle to say. 

Prompt for Saturday: I may not have gone where I intended to go but ended up where I intended to be.  Very true and it will continue to be the case.  I just hope this next detour is worth the effort.

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