Weekly Post #15

Prompt for today: What would a perfect day look like for you?  The weather is calm and no more than 82 but no cooler than 65.  Someone fixes every food item that pops into my brain and brings it to me whenever I think about it.  I can walk around the house naked or nearly naked the whole day.  I can watch a Prince concert in which he sings a bluesy version of I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man.  I get a massage so good I feel like Gumby when I get up.  And maybe get tied up, spanked and fucked into a stupor probably before the massage or get another massage after all of that.

Prompt for tomorrow: Recall an occasion when someone was kind to you when you weren’t expecting it.  This happens more often than it doesn’t so no one situation stands out.  I like it when people compliment my hair randomly or think about something I did for them a billion years ago and how it made their lives better or easier.

Prompt for Tuesday: Do you ever find you enjoy service just for the sake of service? No.

Prompt for Wednesday: What is one of the simple pleasures you enjoy in life?  Good food.  It’s one of the best things ever.  Doesn’t have to be anything fancy just tasty with a little spice kick.

Prompt for Thursday: What book, movie or website most influenced your impressions of what submission was?  How has that changed as you started living as a submissive?  When I started in kink, the media and web sites were largely white cishet offerings and I didn’t connect to most of them because they were living in situations so far from my own there was no way to see myself in it.  Dark Connections was largely POC and who more closely reflected my experience so they were like finding my people.  I can’t say it shifted because I understood that the presented lives were not going to reflect my own.

Prompt for Friday: What does being safe mean to you?  It means a lot but I think this means what does it require for me to feel safe.  Clear interest and consistent communication without being overbearing is step one.  Step two is clear understanding of mutual interests and the ability to share them without being judged or punished or exploited.  And the final step is frequent enough physical contact that being together is calming and centering not jarring and off putting.

Prompt for Saturday: What can’t you get enough of? Nothing really.  I got through phases where I like lots of things and then don’t.  I like to travel and that would probably qualify but with COVID and monkeypox that may never go back to what it used to be.

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