it’s been awhile yep

i haven’t really posted anything that wasn’t related to the weekly posts in a minute.  it’s not that i haven’t had thoughts but i haven’t always had the energy for it.  i’m sitting in bed after three days of a conference kinda grateful that i didn’t try to rush home tonight but also kinda missing my bed.  i’m watching Guy’s Grocery Games right now and kinda salty no one is bringing me these tacos.  okay he lost me at the fried avocado but the rest looked tasty.  anyway, things are find.  i’m having a flare and it’s painful like normal but not making me cry so there’s that.  i shared the issue with my disorder with friends and colleagues and it was good.  some shared they had it or suspected they did and were going to get diagnosed.  others were able to see a different presentation on a tv show so it helped.  my mammogram also got interrupted because of a flare so i have some backup on having them removed from that doctor.  my work is gearing back up this week so gotta enjoy this little bit of downtime from the rest of the world and mom as long as i can.  hope you are all doing well.

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