Weekly Post #16

Prompt for today: How do you find gratitude changes your outlook? Does this affect your submission at all?  Depends on what I am grateful for but in general it improves my mood or makes me introspective.  As I am single it doesn’t routinely have a moment to impact my submission.  When I have been coupled I don’t think I spend a ton of time thinking about being grateful in general versus to my partner.

Prompt for tomorrow: Things change and you respond to quotes. This one is is about perfectionism and fear of making mistakes.  I make mistakes, I encourage others to make mistakes.  I don’t have a worry about being perfect.  I am a hot mess.

Prompt for Tuesday: Be open to your dreams. My dreams are amazing and I love them.  From traveling and being overjoyed to being molested and waking up liquidy was great.

Prompt for Wednesday: How we react to challenges.  Again it depends.  I normally try to sit down and plan it out and then figure out where I am emotionally to see if the situation needs to change or I do.

Prompt for Thursday: Dominance is less about toys than it it is strength and trust.  I don’t disagree.  I’ve had partners that were able to keep me in line with a look and nary a toy to be had.

Prompt for Friday: Putting ourselves at the mercy of a dominant. A good dominant is a blessing so I don’t see it as being at their mercy moreso than finding my fit.

Prompt for Saturday: Changing myself significantly to be with you is not a good idea.  I have never tried to do this as a submissive.  Doing it in the vanilla world never worked more than a night or an experiment because I don’t have the energy to not just be myself.

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