And here we go again: weekly post #5

Prompt for today: Do you feel like there’s a learning curve in submission? Do you have to unlearn societal norms?  Not in the same way there is for a job.  I think you have to learn your partner moreso than the role unless you are not naturally inclined to submission.  This is not an issue for me but learning each new partner is interesting and can be challenging.  I don’t think I ever really paid much attention to societal norms so there wasn’t anything to unlearn about submission.  About kinky sex yes but that is a different issue from what is being asked I think.  Even then I ignored a lot of those norms.

Prompt for tomorrow: shortened–Were you afraid of losing yourself in submission?  Has that fear been valid?  Do you still wonder about it?  Nope never have.  I just don’t know if it’s never come up or if it’s not something I have the room to allow but this is not a concern for me.

Prompt for Tuesday: What part of your self or independence has been the hardest for you to surrender?  Hmm, no one has ever asked me to give up something significant so I don’t struggle here either.  If I’m committed to my partner I give over what is asked willingly.

Prompt for Wednesday: shortened–Are you a good girl or a brat?  How does your dominant partner encourage or enhance you?  I think it depends on the partner and what is happening in the moment.  I’m mostly a good girl but do have bratty moments especially if I’m feeling insecure or horny and my partner isn’t being rough enough.  Other than that I don’t like challenging my partner because it’s not what I’m submitting for in the long run.

Prompt for Thursday: What ten words would you use to describe yourself to someone? Yeah I don’t think I would do this for any reason whatsoever.  I’m goofy, smart, supportive and kinky.  That description makes great sense in kink but in the real world may be problematic so I’d drop the last one.

Prompt for Friday: shortened–Do you like, love and accept yourself?  Most of the time I think I’m amazing.  I need to lose some weight and I need to chill out some more but I like me, love me and accept me with all my weirdness.

Prompt for Saturday: What is weighing on your heart right now?  Can’t think of anything right now.  If that changes I’ll come back and add more.  I’m single but expect to remain so.  I’m tired but I can take a nap.  Gotta get groceries but those are being delivered.  Yeah nothing.

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