i’m making the viola davis grabbing her bag and leaving face right now

prompt: shortened–do you have birthday spankings as part of your dynamic? anything special about them if you do? no because i’m grown and that shit would be weird to me.  nor am i trying to get enough swats in to reach my current age because i’m grown.  if it makes someone else feel all the feels that’s cool but i would be cranky at the suggestion let alone us trying it.  

so what i’m taking from this wave of prompts is despite earlier assurances that even if you weren’t in a dynamic currently these prompts would be useful to you that i may have been naive.  there’s nothing wrong with exploring dynamics in the way that the author has and others surely do.  my real issue right now is if your dynamic doesn’t line up or isn’t on par with the author’s then you will be left confused or wondering if something is missing from your relationship.  i’m fine with hierarchy but not as much without input.  i’m okay with rules and punishment but not just for the sake of having them. i love the idea of talking through what it is we are seeking specifically so we are clear about those wants and needs but making them a contract or guidelines that are inflexible seems boring and dumb for me.  i hope the other two for this week are better otherwise i’ll be more motivated to just do the weekly post of prompts than daily.  ah well.

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