on the verge of tossing this

prompt for the day: shortened because my brain hurts even processing this one–think of collar substitutes, wear one for a day, how did you feel and what were you focused on?  i don’t wear collars so thinking of a substitute to wear for any reason is awkward.  plus i would need to be prepared for this ahead of time which didn’t happen.  this is again one of those moments when i think i should remember we’re not all the same kinds of submissives.  i know that a collar is the pinnacle of relationship goals for some people and for others a ring or bracelet could achieve the same purpose.  i’d have to have an alternative to a black leather collar if that ever became part of my dynamic.  i cannot wear that daily even if i wanted to so it would need to be a necklace, bracelet or ring.  ahh well. hopefully i resonate more with the rest of the week’s prompts.  if not then i may need to either press pause on the daily posts or scrap this endeavor.  i’m getting frustrated and it’s not about lack of relationship but more the drastically different perspectives we operate from.

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