Yes, no, it’s complicated

Prompt for today: For poly submissives are you jealous of the time your Dominant spends with other partners in the relationship?  How do you cope with that?  So my last two dynamics were both poly.  In one relationship there was no jealousy.  Annoyance every blue moon because information was not relayed in a straight forward manner.  But I was happy as fuck that they distracted him more often than not.  They fed his need to dominate a partner in a way that I could not because he wasn’t showing to me that he could feed the needs I had in our dynamic.  In the other dynamic, I was jealous about work if I’m going to be perfectly honest.  He inflamed every part of my senses and I wanted to be up under him 24/7 if I could have been.  In this situation, it never would have happened.  As much as I created erections for him, as much as he made me drip drop around the spaces I existed in, he was never in a position that he could have–or likely really wanted to–dominate me in the way that only he could.  To be clear y’all I was fucked in the head.  I could have picked up and relocated on a whim if he had asked me to do that.  He didn’t and it wasn’t because there was someone else–that I was in competition with if that makes sense.  I was just losing out to the rest of his life.  So I guess the answer is it depends on the person and the nature of our dynamic.  In one situation, I was pretty chill.  In the other, I turned myself into knots hoping I could make it better but without the ability to do so.

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