me go sleepy, me no care

you know when you are good and done with being awake and your body just says fuck whatever else you gotta do?  well if you don’t you are definitely not me because that sure as shit happened last night.  

prompt for yesterday: how do you deal with coming down from an intense scene?  honestly i don’t have a good plan.  what tends to happen is i float for a few days and then i crash.  the depth of the crash depends on two things: the intensity of the scene and my connection to my partner.  i will go from the high to a depressive state if the scene was incredibly intense or i’m highly connected to my partner.  if i’m not then i may get cranky or sleepy if i’m not terribly connected.  my body and mind have to readjust to not having ready access to the person that throws off my equilibrium.  i don’t have a clue on how better adjust to that event save living with my partner again but that’s not something that looks likely for me.

prompt for today: how do you juggle work, family and submission? what is the most challenging part?  i don’t lol.  the only time i sorta did was when i was with GN because we lived together.  my work and family eat up so much of my time that even looking for a partner or take good care of them.  it made Mr. Wolf upset for certain.  my work life and my familial commitments are stressful.  i’d love to wake up with my partner again.  not sure how to balance things better as i have gotten busier but that’s my honest response.

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