might be catching a cold, meh

prompt: describe a mistake you made recently, big or small.  how did you deal with it?  so many but some would out me with work soooooooo i will just discuss the one that won’t.  i mentioned before that i did a dumb thing.  but that dumb thing is moving me forward.  sometimes i get this overwhelming urge to reach out to the Dutchman.  i know it’s dumb.  i think the way i cut things off in november mean we won’t talk again unless we are forced to for some reason so yeah there’s that.  anyway i sent him a message and then i went to bed.  i didn’t expect to hear from him and i have not.  it’s okay, that’s on me.  he hadn’t responded to earlier more distant messages so this should not have been a shock.  i dealt with it by talking to a friend and sorting through the pressing emotions.  then i blogged and had an epiphany.  and after that i deleted the message.  i’m not sure if that deleted things for him.  if it did great.  if not then i guess it will just sit there untouched.  and i deleted it more so i didn’t sit and ruminate on the lack of response.  that’s a mental block for me.  and now it’s not something i have to dwell on.

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