Sunday Soreness, Deep Sleep and Cute Kids

I really do need to get back to working out.  My body was unhappy with me and the partial plow job I did yesterday.  I slept hard as shit but when I woke up there were random aches and pains that under other circumstances would have made me smile like a big old happy fat baby.  As I was lounging, the cutest tiny human asked to plow the rest of the driveway for free.  I get this offer like once a year usually so yes I’ll take your free services but like normal I’m gonna tip so we did round up ten bucks to give her.  Our neighbor helped her at some point and she was real tired when she was done.  Driveway is clear, snow blower is delayed so need to find another option than my bad labor and the kindness of strangers/neighbors.  I kept dreaming that I was finishing up college or the dorm I was living in was shutting down and that my younger brother was there.  We were both trying to figure out how not to move back in with mom which wasn’t working as well as we would have hoped.  We also suddenly had a younger sister who thought we were being mean to mom and yeah that conversation wasn’t going over well.  Eventually, I heard my mom’s ringtone on my phone and we were all like nope not getting that.  Seemed like a weird detail to remember from the dream until I realized she had actually called me and in my exhaustion I just refused to roll over for that one.  Woo I clearly needed that sleep.  And in other news, I am trying to be open to the universe but it is being surprisingly quiet right now lol.  Ahh well.  Read the prompt for today after the break.

Prompt for today: Do your beliefs closely match your Dominant’s? In areas where they do not, can the differences cause difficulty? How do you reconcile the differences?  I have never been with a Dominant partner whose beliefs closely matched mine.  I take that back RS and I were pretty close outside of religion and I was willing to compromise there.  Everyone else, we had some significant areas of disagreement that could have caused or did cause some conflicts that we could not completely resolve.  With GN the biggest issues were about where our future children might attend school because I was not at all down for the private school movement and he was.  The other stuff was about things I won’t bring up here to respect his privacy but I think those two things eventually led to our dynamic ending.  Mr. Wolf and I had less we agreed on than we disagreed on.  That was most definitely an opposites attract situation.  Emperor I don’t feel like I knew well enough in retrospect to see how that may have impacted things.  I know we had some areas of conflict based on his ultimate wish list that I didn’t really meet.  And with the Dutchman there was only one area that could be considered major and he made it minor as soon as he could which I appreciated.  

I enjoy being with people who challenge my views of the world and how I embrace it.  I like the exchange of information and energy and ideas.  The biggest concern for me is would those differences mean it would be difficult to be in the same space together long-term.  There was only one dynamic that fell into that area and thankfully we never tried to be in the same space longer than a few days. 

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