Post it Up: No More Snow–Still Cold as Shit

I thought I had posted last night before bed but apparently I did not.  Digging out of the snow is exhausting.  I’ll finish that tomorrow.  I had presentations to give the last two days and a sorority meeting and cooked so I’m good and tired.  I did try the clone a pussy kit but I’m pretty sure it’s a fucking train wreck so that is gonna need to be redone or done with help.  I have more randomness to share but I’ll do that after the prompts.

Prompt for yesterday: Do D/s relationships tend o develop more quickly than vanilla relationships? I don’t think mine have.  I think in some cases they sparked up because the two of us connected really well.  In general, I take my time in all relationships when I can because I want to be clear that I know what I’m responding to and that they understand my life and stressors.  With the exception of maybe the Dutchman, most of my dynamics took at least a few months to develop if not longer.  I was friends with GN for a long stretch, same with Emperor.  Things with RS may have been sped up because of the situation but that is about it.  And I almost refused to deal with Mr. Wolf.  My vanilla relationships, when I was still seeking them, never took as long as were mostly based on physical connection.

Prompt for today: Do you consider yourself dependent on your Dominant?  Is this a positive or negative thing to be in your opinion?  Is becoming dependent a goal in your dynamic?  Umm no, don’t want to be and this would not be good for me.  If I become psychologically, financially or emotionally dependent on someone I just see that imploding because I need to be in control of my psyche 98 percent of the time we aren’t together and dependence breeds loss of control for me.  Becoming dependent isn’t a goal for me and I hope it never becomes a goal for my partner.

I thought I had randomness.  I’m really just tired.  I kinda wanna cuddle and I kinda want to just fuck freely through a few long vacations.  Neither one of those things will be happening any time soon so there’s that.

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