So yeah maybe I was premature

Work is cancelled for tomorrow so my bedtime has now become relative.  I have a meeting at noon but hoping that it’s getting cancelled as well.  The snow started coming in around lunch time and kept on going.  We are expecting snow all day tomorrow or Thursday/today whatever.  We’ll see what happens on Friday but unless the snow plows are miracle workers I’m guessing I’ll be home.  I have presentations to give that day but they were already scheduled to be remote so nothing will be different there.  

I gave/sent whatever a message to someone that I needed to vent to.  They have not responded still so I’m not even sure they read it.  However, I did mention that I’d be okay if they did not respond and I am okay now that I think about it.  I can miss them and still keep doing my normal day to day stuff.  And I can miss them while also understanding I need to make space for whatever and whomever is coming next.  Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to be able to hang out and catch up.  It does mean that I can’t wait for that to the exclusion of all other things.  Someone will materialize or they won’t.  I’m not even sure what it is I’m looking for other than a feeling and honestly most folks don’t make it deep enough in the conversation to establish that they may evoke that feeling.  Ahh well.

Prompt for today: Do you look to other submissives and peers for support or validation?  I think maybe support now but not validation really.  I’m comfortable in who I am mostly as a submissive.  I miss not being in service but I’m not sure there’s much right now that I could garner from that interaction peer to peer.  I like the support and like giving that back to other people.  But that’s me in all aspects of my life not just my submissive self.  

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