So far Snomageddon is a Bust

We were supposed to wake up to about six inches of snow and so far it’s just rainy and cold.  I’m debating going out to put down some heat melt on the driveway but my motivation is gone.  Work shut down access to the buildings so I’m home anyway.  Aww well, we’ll see how it goes later today.

Prompt for the day: Do you ever view service to be an “invisible convenience” to your Dominant?  That has literally never crossed my mind and I find it a weird question to start with.  Service is part of the gig if your Dominant wants a fully formed relationship.  It may be harder to pull off depending on your specific dynamic and situation but it’s never not appreciated.  At least for me it has always been acknowledged and appreciated.  I don’t know that I could be in a dynamic in which it wasn’t.  I may not do a ton of it again because of the nature of our dynamic but doing it made me feel well of service to my Dominant partner and I enjoyed it.

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