Happy Valentine’s Day

Despite the weird weather, long day and overall weirdness that can be my life most days let me just say that today was a good day.  I grabbed desserts early.  Did my work thing.  Got groceries ordered for pickup tomorrow.  Slept well.  And now I’m eating dessert and minding my business.  

Prompt for today: What is one thing you have taught or are teaching your Dominant?  The one thing I’ve taught almost everyone is about tennis.  I love tennis and I will get absentmindedly distracted watching an intense match.  What I have come to realize is that makes me an anomaly when it comes to Black women in general so they have to learn about why I might care, then how to score the match, and why we hate the people we hate.  Literally has been one of the most fun things we have done together.  Especially when we make kinky bets on the outcome of certain parts of the matches.

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