Tired, not feeling well, gonna be busy all day

You did not get this last night because while I got home early for me, my mother got clingy as all get out–this is red velvet speak for she wanted to hang out and did much longer than I thought BUT she also rubbed my head until I got sleepy so boom trade off.  As the title says your girl is tired, feeling a little run down and got shit to do all day so here are your prompts for yesterday and today.

Yesterday: Did you know when you entered your relationship that it would be a Dominant/submissive relationship or has it evolved over time from a different dynamic over time?  For the last 20 years every relationship I have entered has been a D/s dynamic.  Once I was introduced to BDSM, I knew that I was not going to be happy in a regular relationship. Not even one with kink overlay from time to time.  I had seen friends and partners not be satisfied and how much stress it put on their relationship to not engage with BDSM and I have had no desire to experience that personally.  Even when I foolishly thought about getting back with a vanilla ex, I ultimately stopped because while he was open to kink he was more submissive than I was/am.  That won’t work for me.  I don’t even entertain men who appear to be vanilla only after exploring what they want in relationships.  And honestly, they read me incorrectly a lot.  Because of my occupation and pressures they tend to think I don’t need them and won’t follow their lead.  I’m too independent.  I’m all of those things when I submit but only men who look hard enough and engage me fully see me submit.

Today: Do you test boundaries at time? Why or why not? I do not test boundaries.  I just don’t find it engaging or entertaining.  I probably annoy my partners by asking for reassurance more than I should but not a full on let me see how they react if I do this thing that’s not quite against the rules but I know they won’t like.

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