burst of snow, sleepy time

Fresh locs and tired girl. Bought food twice because someone is a great big old baby and I was too tired to have a lengthy conversation about that tonight.  ETA: I went in and took out the clone a pussy mold.  I need to nail the consistency for the original mold and the position which was ALL off.  But the mold would have look great otherwise and I’m sure someone would have liked to fuck my duplicate pussy.

Prompt for today: If your Dominant discovered his morals in one particular area were different from he initially thought, and they were different from your own, how would you feel?  This question is so weird to me.  I think what it’s asking is if my Dominant switched his position on something and then it was out of alignment with what I believed/felt how would I feel.  I’ve had this happen already.  It wasn’t earth shattering.  We just didn’t agree on that thing.  He didn’t try to impose his will on me and I didn’t hold it against him.  Short of harming people who don’t want to be harmed I don’t know that there’s something that morally would be disturbing enough that we would have issues.  I say that primarily because we wouldn’t be dating if there were major moral conflicts.  Meh, weird question.

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