girl tired as hell

It’s been raining most of the morning and that is never a good setup for me in terms of getting up and out of bed.  I’ve been up long enough to use the restroom and grab a bit to eat.  Every time I almost fell back asleep, my phone dinged so I was awake ish again.  I may nap until this event I have to attend later and then come home and maybe take down my locs.  I’m getting them done tomorrow and that’s always good but like for real if I could just deliver my hair and take a nap, I’d probably do that too.  I’m just tired.  If I didn’t know there was literally no way possible that it could be the case, I’d think I was pregnant.  Except I’m not hungry, just sleepy.  That’s why I’m doing this post early so I don’t forget tonight.  

Prompt for today: Does your Dominant spank you as a part of maintenance even if you have been good?  I almost laughed at this and wondered if the last few months had been a horrible mistake and waste of my time.  Then I realized my dynamics have not had a lot of protocols in them in the way that the writer of the book has had in her dynamic.  To my knowledge she’s been with the same Dominant partner for a decade plus.  Whereas I have been floating between partners and trying to find my place in the whole BDSM world.  That’s a long way around to say, no I have never been spanked in order to maintain my good behavior.  As I’m normally good, it’s not required.  I’d be interested to see how it plays out in a future dynamic but I don’t know that it will come up.

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