Oops I skipped it again

Sunday was our first trip back over to the house to collect needed things and to dump the trash before pickup.  Talked to a few folks that may want to buy it since I only want what is owed on the house and closing costs.  Got a few more things that we needed set up in the house and a call to the cable company because I am straight confused on how to use the box with the setup.  So yeah I’m tired and forgot about the prompt for the day.

Prompt for January 2nd: What are you thankful for in your relationship or with your partner?  Generally speaking I am usually thankful for someone that is open and receptive to my weirdness.  Someone that appreciates the way in which I can serve.  They normally think I’m smart but not in a condescending way which I like and I enjoy the closeness, connection and chemistry between myself and my partners.  But I think most of all I appreciate that they make me slow down.  My brain can run a mile a minute and my partner is the one that normally slowly puts the breaks on me even without me asking.  Date night with GN, watching cartoons with Mr. Wolf, talking comics with the Dutchman.  All of that made me slow down enough to enjoy the space we were in.  At least for a little while.  Downside of my brain is I get anxious about being or doing enough for my partner and it’s hard to contain once that gets going.

Prompt for January 3rd: What are your sleeping arrangements? Do you sleep with your Dominant? On the floor?  In a cage?  In another room?  This was a weird question for me.  While I’ve joked about sleeping in a box under my partners’ beds, it’s been just a joke.  Sort of a keep me handy for whenever his warped mind goes haywire and he needs to pummel me, sexually or otherwise.  I’ve always slept in the bed with my partner.  We have never discussed another sleeping arrangement and I don’t know that I’d be terribly receptive to anyone that offered another option up to me.

Prompt for January 4: Our Dominants teach us so much about ourselves.  What s something you’ve taught your Dominant? I normally teach them random things but it’s usually about cooking and tennis as I avidly enjoy doing both things and my partners cook to survive and watch more aggressive sports.  As soon as they learn the game, they find a few players they like and then we talk about tennis without me bringing it up at all.  I enjoy that.  It becomes our thing that we do mostly because they know I like it.  That’s cool.

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