New Year 2022: Hope It’s a Good One

It’s been a lazy day because exhausted.  There were not a plethora of Happy New Year texts which I appreciated because I kinda hate texting.  We ordered breakfast cause exhausted.  Noticed a leak that we called and reported and they followed up on relatively quickly so we’ll see how that goes on Monday.  I moved meetings around and responded to work email that I’d been ignoring for the last week and a half.  Checked in on a friend and found out they had COVID.  Kinda want to send them a gift but need their address.  I’m tired but happy.  Single and tired and happy.

What do you want to ask your fellow submissives? I’m not sure that anyone that is submissive ever still reads this but I think I’d like to know what keeps you going when this all feels pointless.  When the relationship ends, you’re single for a while, you recognize your life is incompatible with what you really want whatever the case is in that regard, how do you get up and say this was a stumbling point but I am inherently submissive and I need to be with a Dominant partner in order to be fulfilled. 

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