Moving Day is the literal worst

So picking the last day of the year to move is probably not the brightest thing to do but it was necessary to make sure the cable was hooked up prior to us moving in because my mother NEEDED to watch the college football playoffs.  She’s unconscious right now just so we’re clear.  Not nodding off, knocked the fuck out.  She barely made it through the early game but ahh well.  The big stuff is in place.  We need to clean out the house and move over the small things.  Do a few patches and some painting and then hopefully sell this thing. I did have WiFi last night which was unexpected but no cable so I watched Last Christmas on repeat until I passed out.  Then I was woken up at 4 in the morning because someone’s arm felt funny.  She was fine but sleep was fleeting.

Prompt for the day: Do you and your partner celebrate any special holidays?  Do you celebrate the standard holidays in unique ways, with special rituals, because of your D/s status?  Can’t remember doing anything outside of birthdays and the standard holidays and none of it was linked to our dynamic.

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