knock knock is this thing on?

Because we are moving later this week, we have to turn the cable on at the new spot.  That means taking whatever appointment I can get so the nice old woman that lives with me isn’t pouting about not being able to watch college sports for two days.  That also means about mid day tomorrow there will be no cable or internet throughout the house we currently inhabit.  I’m going to do the next two prompts now because I legit won’t give enough of a fuck to type this out on my phone.  I may be late with the Friday post truthfully.

Today’s prompt: Write a love letter to your Dominant.

Tomorrow’s prompt: Does your Dominant stand on courtesy?  Do they use please and thank you with request from you?  How does it make you feel?  Does it still feel like an order if they ask?

I totally get that most folks doing these prompts are probably partnered but I wish there was some language for the single among us. I’ll expand my thoughts after the jump.

So I’m gonna start with tomorrow’s prompt because that will be easier for my brain to answer right now.  When I’ve been partnered, depending on what the request was yes they asked and it was still an order.  Pick up abc from the grocery store please.  Thank you for bringing xyz to me.  But it was also two adults being respectful of each other’s time and energy.  I don’t think I could function with someone that wasn’t essentially polite in general because they probably be sucky as humans.  The only time I don’t think there was a request was during a sexual scene and that was just because aggression and hormones kicked in and I appreciated the gruffness.

Today’s prompt: 

Howdy Sir,

not sure where you are and if we’ll meet.  If my current deliberations play out the way I think they might then no we never will.  I’ve been a submissive for a long time and I’ve been struggling to find my match that entire time.  I’ve had some really great partners so don’t feel bad for me but ultimately they were not available to me entirely and maybe that’s why I feel for them.  I only had to give so much of myself to them in order to make it work.  But if I’m being completely honest, I’d love the whole fairy tale match.  Your ability to see me, understand me, make me giggle, protect me and do all of the other things you do has given me a bit of peace that I’ve been searching for.  I hope that I don’t disappoint you.  I hope that I give to you what you have given to me.  I hope that we figure out how to never let our communication or fire fizzle out.  I can be devoted or destroyed at your doing.  Please be gentle with me.



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