Hey You, What’s Your Name

I’m feeling a bit better today but it’s mostly because I had to focus on more things for the move, deal with some work stuff and I removed a temptation from my line of vision.  I’m not sure where I fit in the D/s world still but I’m not on the verge of tears every five minutes now either.  On to the prompt for the day: Does your partner have any pet names for you?  Are there any nicknames that you do not like?

So I will recap what I was called and by whom.  The first person that sorta named me was Roaming Soldier.  I was either little girl or little soldier.  That played into our Daddy/little girl dynamic and I was fine with it.  Made me feel all warm and fuzzy honestly.  Good Nyte called me babygirl.  He actually still does.  I don’t think he’s used my name unless we were fighting since we got together a billion years ago.  I don’t think I’d know what to do if he said anything else.  Mr. Wolf named himself and then started calling me lil red or Harley after Harley Quinn.  Harley was a reflection of my overly euphoric bratty cum drunk self.  I didn’t always enjoy it if I wasn’t in that space but it wasn’t a bad name it was just trying to pull something from me that I wasn’t engaged enough to embrace yet.  And lastly the Dutchman always called me cunt.  I will say I was prepared to hate it and was confused when I read it that my body went drip drip every time I saw or heard it.  I asked him why he chose that name and it was because he knew that American women had an aversion to it.  That is true.  As a rule, I think we have to hit you in the throat if you call us that.  Having said that it registered in the part of my brain that wanted to be His slut and do all of the depraved things we could possibly come up with.  I was going to end this with a statement that none of them had ever used my previous relationship nickname at any point in time but that’s not entirely true.  Mr. Wolf called me a cunt when we were in Amsterdam experimenting with piss play.  It literally was like putting my clit on a block of ice.  We eventually got to the right place physically but it took longer than it needed to because of the word cunt. It wasn’t an ownership word, it wasn’t part of our routine play, it was just there and it was not stimulating.  So outside of that glitch in the Matrix there was no name usage by anyone else and I appreciated that.  Each seemed to choose a name that fit our dynamic which was also nice for me.  I’ve been lucky.

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