Twas the night before violence

We are still in a pandemic.  Novak is probably not playing the Aussie Open and that’s complicated, or not, as fuck.  And a year after a group of “disenfranchised” Americans stormed the capitol to prevent the symbolic transition of power from one administration to another, there are still people swearing they did nothing wrong and that they were only defending their rights.  Some of those folks are going to jail or are in jail right now.  Some of those folks escaped with probation.  Still others are surprised that they are even in the firing line to be punished.  I’m not sure what they thought would happen.  These are the same folks that told BLM protestors that if they weren’t out doing anything illegal or destroying property they wouldn’t get in trouble.  Apparently that was only meant to flow one direction.  There’s talk that they may meet up around the country to relive their destructive glory and I’m hoping not.  Watching the long walk towards culpability would drive me batty. 

Prompt for today: Think about a relationship you need to improve in your life.  What went wrong, and what can you do to fix it?  This sort of feels like a setup but I’ll bite lol.  The relationship with my mother isn’t toxic but it’s not always healthy.  We get on each others’ nerves a fair bit and short of ignoring all of the things she forgets, gets mad at me for or is just wrong about entirely there’s not a good way to fix it.  My mother still interacts with me like I’m a toddler sometimes instead of a grown woman that has a life to live.  I still interact with her like she is as capable as she used to be so maybe I’m in denial a bit there.  I don’t want us to fight and argue but I also don’t want to deal with needing to be on all of the time at work and home.  That’s part of what makes me miss a Dominant partner.  They make me recenter, take care of myself or remind me that it’s not worth it regularly.  Ah well.

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