And it’s Friday all over again

Had to run errands today.  Not a huge deal because I had plenty of time.  And then I went outside.  Into snow.  That was coming down hard enough that for parts of the drive you really couldn’t see at all and most of the drive visibility was down to maybe 15 or 20 feet ahead.  That was more fun when I got onto the side rode to my destination and there was more snow and less road.  It then proceeded to snow for the entire time I was at my errand and the roads got even worse until I hit the main road for home.  Smooth sailing for me but there was a bad accident in the other direction that I may have been in had I not remembered I had a massage scheduled for today.  That shit was great even if I didn’t sleep through it today.  I love my masseuse.  She’s a treat.  Ahh well, let me get to the prompt.

Prompt for today: What is an assumption people tend to make about you?  I’m not sure other than maybe I’m mean.  I’m not warm and fuzzy when you meet me initially.  I am ridiculously shy in new situations unless I know a few people around me.  When I do, it’s a different story but if it’s me walking in to a new group the best I can be called is standoffish.  Other people think I’m intimidating because I know lots of random shit but really I just have a trivia brain.  Other people tend to think I’m married and I’m not sure where that comes from at all.

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