Rest and Recovery

I mentioned yesterday that my body is on the mend and it really is.  I appreciate it greatly.  There’s still a bit of pain as the healing continues but nothing like when I was in the throes of the last few days when my body was like this is not what I signed up for–take more medicine, both the healing kind and the pain relieving kind.  So that’s what I did until yesterday maybe when it was just focused on healing.  I haven’t needed a pain killer but may take one today if the desire to nap kicks in and I can’t get comfortable.

I did something potentially dumb but needed to be done in my brain.  I had been debating it and then finally said life’s too short, especially in COVID, to hold on to something that may not change a thing but could all the same.  I don’t expect anything radical to come from it.  Just needed to do it so I can sleep peacefully.  And I did. Now I’m feeling a midday nap coming so here’s the prompt.

Prompt for today: What do you value most in a friend?  I’m not sure because I tend to look at friendship as situational versus good friends.  In the first case I’m just looking for someone with a shared interest.  In the second, I’m usually looking for someone that is honest, open and who checks in on me as much as I check in on them.  Doesn’t happen as often so I don’t have as many friends as folks may believe I do but that’s okay too.  Because good friends we can go months without talking and then catch up for hours until we do it again.  Good friends know where the bodies are buried and help you keep your head up when you need it. They also share their successes and challenges.  I guess the point is we share our lives when we can and we love each other no matter what.

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